We Have a custom fabricated Dyno Cell housing our Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road. This state of the art piece of equipment allows us map cars correctly giving both power gains & longevity to your engine, & also the all important (to some) power figures. After much research we decided that the Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer was right for West Coast Performance because it is one of the most accurate dynos in the world & is used by major auto manufacturers including Toyota, Honda and Subaru. Furthermore, with John being the only Haltech "Certified Advance Tuner" in Europe you know your pride & joy is in good hands. We can map most of the popular aftermarket engine management systems i.e. Haltech, GReddy, Apex'i ETC. You can even rent our facilities by hourly or daily rates, we might even manage to supply a few cups of coffee if you're good. If you can't come to us maybe we can come to you for dyno and mapping days (great for promoting businesses & events), give us a ring to find about the only truly mobile dyno service in Ireland.

The first step to in providing you with a quality tune is to assess your vehicle and the set up. An assessment can head off any simple problems that can be corrected prior to your tuning session. If additional parts are needed we can order them and have the items here awaiting installation when you arrive.Other additional problems may need to be addressed - Rough Idle, Hard Starting (hot or cold), weather condition or pressure corrections that need adjusting, surging, or missing.

We cannot stress the importance of making sure your vehicle is in good running condition. A tune is not a magical spell cast over your vehicle that corrects any and all mechanical problems. Vehicles with low compression, wiring issues, vacuum leaks, etc., will be difficult, if not impossible to get running correctly. We want you to be satisfied with our tuning services, and want to help you get the most out of your combination.

There are no discounts on tuning or dyno-time if we are not able to completely tune the vehicle due to a mechanical issue or other problems that are beyond our control. This includes, but is not limited, to inadequate fuel systems, injectors, MAP Sensors, MAF Meters, etc. If you are unsure of your vehicles modifications or readiness to be dyno-tuned we recommend you contact us with a list of modifications or bring it over prior to your tuning session to let us inspect the vehicle.

Most lightly modified street vehicles do not take longer than a few hours to tune. A tuning quote is only valid for vehicles that do not take more than a few hours to tune. In cases where mechanical malfunctions or improper equipment causes the tune to take longer, expect to pay more. If you have any questions regarding your set up, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



This is one of Jack Shanahan's S14 drift cars. It is powered by an S50B32 BMW M3 engine. The engine was built by Mike...

Posted by West Coast Performance on Saturday, May 10, 2014

This car has a fully reconditioned B18C engine built with low compression CP forged pistons, Crower conrods, ARP head...

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, why should I come to WCP?

We love cars, simple as that. We understand the importance of handling your vehicle with care. You have a lot of time and money invested in your project. We tune using a standardised tuning methodology that insures the maximum performance and reliability from your set up.

Could my engine be damaged on the Dyno?

Good question, this depends on the reliability of your set up, but most probably not, our techs will abort a session if they spot any abnormalities rather than take a risk. Following is a list of things that many people miss when they are putting their project together.

  • Is the cooling system sufficiently sized?
  • What condition are the coolant hoses in?
  • Old hoses are destined for failure.
  • Turbo Coolant lines are notorious for being overlooked
  • Are the fuel injectors and fuel system properly sized?
  • What type of fuel are you running?
  • Have you been driving the car without it being properly tuned?This is often a cause of engine failures. Detonation can lead to delayed engine failure
  • What type of fuel are you running?
  • Are you using quality clamps and silicone couplers on intercooler piping?
  • Is your MAP or MAF Sensor Sized Properly?

How does the dyno measure power?

The Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dyno uses a very accurate load cell to determine the force applied to the dyno roller by the vehicle. This value can be output as “Tractive Effort”, and is used to calculate the vehicles horsepower with repeatable results(ie testing the same car on a different dyno dynamics machine should give you the same results whether it be here, Australia, the States or even the north pole) . This is a far more precise way to calculate power than by calculating horsepower based on the roller speed rate of change or by hydraulics where the viscosity can change with heat like other dynos do.

What are a few important things to look for in a Professional Dyno Facility?

A good reputation for dealing with customers, a safe testing environment, and a secure facility. Our reputation for customer service is growing with every new client we deal with. Even when faced with challenging projects, we rise to the occasion and strive to be the best. How do we provide a safe and secure testing environment? We have a well ventilated dyno testing area, within a custom fabricated dyno cell to keep you and your mechanics safe during testing and tuning sessions.

Why Tune on a Dyno & not on the road? Road mapping is sometimes a bit cheaper?

Road mapping is risky business. It is very dangerous (and most times illegal) to run a car through its rpm range on public roads (especially with all the potholes we have around here). In addition, the vehicle cannot be run through all the rpm or load sites long enough to get an accurate Air Fuel Ratio Reading and how are you going to determine the torque output of the vehicle? This is the basis for making changes to your fuel and ignition maps. Tuning on a dyno provides accurate data in a controlled environment throughout the ECU’s RPM and Load Ranges, without endangering you, others, or your property. Our Dyno Dynamics eddy current control dyno can hold at steady state any point within the map, to find the optimal fuel and timing combination. This speeds up and enhances the tuning or troubleshooting process.

Who can rent the Dyno?

Anyone really. The dyno is available for rent to other shops, independent tuners, and car clubs ETC. Tuning done by independent tuners and shops can be kept confidential at the tuners discretion. It is our policy not to share dyno charts, or information with your competitors. It is our goal to protect the experience you bring to our facility and not make it “public” knowledge.  

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