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Originally Posted: September 2, 2010

Hello again,
We’re heading to Mondello again on Sunday for Dave’s time attack, should be good craic, although we’re not looking forward to the early rise. Have to get up @ 5:30, spray the deo under the armpits, put on a massive pot of coffee, make sure the van is pointed towards Kildare and probably put on some clothes (I think there are laws about that). If you see us in the pits pop in and say hello. We’ll try to be nice between the yawns

We’ve decided what we want for Xmas as well.

Dear Santa,
we’ve been good boys and girls all year, we’ve done loads of work for customers forsaking our own projects. Please Santa build us a track in Kerry so that when we have time to work on our own cars and they are ready, we can drive them all day long until we run out of petrol (and don’t have to get up in the wee hours of the morning anymore).
WCP Crew

P.S. a years supply of fuel would be nice too….

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